What we hold

The Catholic Diocese of Christchurch Archives has remained at its core the material the Bishop of the day has dealt with.  There are many significant areas within the Christchurch Diocesan Archives relating to the building of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and to its later reorganization, to parishes, schools, buildings, events and organizations.

A significant collection of photographs is held, catalogued by a dedicated group of volunteers who continue to index and make the archives accessible.

There is a growing collection of objects — everything from presentation trowels and keys to sports trophies, artworks and medals.

And finally, we hold an extensive reference library, which compliments the Archives collection and helps staff and researchers contextualize the extant archives. 


To follow is a small taster of the type of items we hold at the Archives:

Letter from Francis Petre, architect, to Bishop Grimes suggesting an alternative design for the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament 6 February 1899



Diary of Bishop Grimes 1911




During the consecration of a Bishop two ornamental loaves of bread and two small ornamental barrels of wine are used, decorated two with silver and two with gold, bearing the escutcheons of the Consecrator and of the Bishop-elect. These were used in the consecration of Bishop Ashby 1964.