In an increasingly digital learning environment, Secondary School Students are challenged to understand primary and secondary sources, and the implications of using a range of sources when carrying out research for class or NCEA projects.


Factsheet on Sources describes the type of sources available – archives, publications, websites, art, movies, interviews – to help students gain a better understanding of primary and secondary sources.

Antarctic Tragedy Resource pack discusses Robert Falcon Scott’s doomed Antarctic Expedition and uses a sermon from Bishop Grimes, ‘The Awful Tragedy of the Southern Antarctic’ delivered on 16 February 1913, to explore the attitude to the Antarctic explorers at the time.

A Columban Martyr uses a letter found in Bishop Lyons’ correspondence to tell the story of Fr Francis Vernon Douglas, a Wellington priest, who was tortured and murdered during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War 2.

Bishop Grimes on the West Coast uses a sermon delivered by Bishop Grimes describing his visit to the West Coast in 1901. It provides an insight into the challenges faced by those in the outlying areas of the Diocese, those faced by the Bishop in carrying out his episcopal duties in the area.