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Author: Christchurch Catholic Archives

Education: Christian Brothers

The Irish-based religious order of Christian Brothers specialised in teaching. The Brothers arrived in New Zealand in the 1880s. Eighty years later they opened their

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Education: Holy Faith Sisters

Catholic schools struggled with growing numbers of pupils in the 1950s-60s “baby boom”. They received almost no financial aid from the Government. They could not

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Frs Jim and Tom Hanrahan

The Hanrahan Brothers

  A pair of priests from a single family was not unusual in the 1900s. The Hanrahan brothers, Tom and Jim, were an example. Their

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Catholic Development Fund

The mid-20th Century “baby boom” ignited an explosion in New Zealand school rolls. The number of new pupils in primary and secondary levels almost overwhelmed

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Dean Nicolas Binsfeld SM

Dean Nicolas Binsfeld SM was “an intrepid missionary” and “a pioneer priest”, according to a 1923 edition of Catholic newspaper The Tablet. Pioneer priests in

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Schools and Sacramental Records

This guide provides information on the notification to parishes of sacraments conferred in schools within that parish territory. Schools & Sacramental Records   (pdf)

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The Privacy Act 2020 (PA 2020) governs the collection, use, storage, access and disposal of personal information held by any organisation within New Zealand. The Act recognises the shift from a

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RELICS: from the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Collection The word relic comes from the Latin word ‘relinquo’, which means ‘I leave’ or ‘I abandon’.

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