Cathedral 2nd Church


Church Name: Blessed Sacrament

Designed by Benjamin Mountfort and erected under the supervision of Fr Chataigner SM. The building was enlarged several times and after the arrival of Bishop Grimes became the pro-cathedral. It was Moved in 1901 to a site on Ferry Road while the present Cathedral was built and was converted to classrooms on that site before eventually being demolished.

A description of the church as originally built is contained in J.J. Wilson, The Church in New Zealand, Memoirs of the early days, 1910:

“The church provided accommodation for over 500 person, and was built of redstone, brick and wood. The stone walls were six feet high and lined with brick. Upon this was erected the woodwork, which carried the walls up to the required height. Brick tiles, made in the adjoining brickyard, were used in the roofing. Mr Thomas O’Connell, father of the Rev J.A. O’Connell SM was employed on the work, and among other operations placed the tiles on the roof of the church. The contractor for the woodwork was Mr Dethier, and for the stone and brickwork Mr John McCosker.

“The church, which cost about —2000, was blessed and opened on May 20, 1864, by the late Right Rev. Dr Viard SM, Bishop of Wellington, who was accompanied by the Rev. Fr O’Reily.”


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Cathedral 2nd Church