Church Name: All Saints

Barrytown was part of the Ahaura parish until 1883. It is believed there may have been two churches in the area.

According to the Grey Valley parish history two churches were built in Barrytown. The first was built in 1881 under the supervision of Fr Rolland, the plans being drawn by Grey County engineer Mr Butler. Materials were brought from Greymouth by sea by the builder, Mr Arnott. It was destroyed by fire about 1900.

The Parish Returns of 1892 refer to All Saints Church at Barrytown being 30 by 20 feet, built of timber at a cost of £200 and opened 12 years earlier. However in 1895 the same returns refer to t he church of Barrytown being blown down by a recent storm. In 1905 the returns refer again to All Saints Church in Barrytown, built of timber, cost about £200 .

There is some confusion over the church being destroyed by wind or fire, and date. This could be explained if there were two churches, as the Grey Valley Parish history implies. From the parish returns it would appear the first church was blown down about 1895, was rebuilt and that church was possibly burnt down after 1905.


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