Bishop Grimes on the West Coast

The resource Bishop Grimes on the West Coast uses a sermon delivered by Bishop Grimes describing his visit to the West Coast in 1901. It provides an insight into the challenges faced by the Bishop in carrying out his episcopal duties in the area, and the challenges of the outlying areas of the Diocese.

Catholic Archives in the Classroom

Over time we will develop educational resources suitable for primary, secondary and tertiary students.

Classes are invited to visit the Diocesan Archives for a behind the scenes tour where we can discuss topics such as the importance of archives in research, how archives are cared for to ensure long term preservation and accessibility, career opportunities in archives and records management, and what can be researched at the Diocesan Archives.  The Archivist can visit schools to talk to classes about the Diocesan holdings or other related topics.

Teachers are encouraged to contact the Diocesan Archivist to discuss their requirements.

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