Church Name: Holy Angels

The Church of the Holy Angels was built under the supervision of Fr Chervier SM and opened October 31,1880, costing £248/9/0 plus £67/4/0 for the seats. In 1892 Fr. J.J. O’Donnell reported it was too small and wanted a vestry, confessional and font. He said it was about to be enlarged.

Another source says “The original church was opened debt-free on October 31, 1880. It stood on a two-acre section donated by a Mr Maxwell of Racecourse Hill. The Gothic-styled church cost £248 to build and £67/8/0 to furnish. No-one knows the cause of the fire that destroyed the church one Saturday night in 1935. Father McMonagle, the priest at the time, had visited the church about 8.30pm, when everything was in order. An hour later the church was in flames. Most of the volunteer firemen were at the Darfield picture theatre at the time. They rushed to the blaze, but were unable to save the church. The loss was estimated at £1000.”


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