A church at Granville is referred to in the 1875 Ahaura baptismal register, where it is recorded that Eamon Burke and Michael Hayes were baptised on July 15 in the Granville Church.

Granville, also known as Duffers Creek or Half Ounce, was about three miles north of Totara Flat. The first Totara Flat church was not built until about 1885 by Fr J.J. O’Donnell. Although it was situated about a quarter of a mile north of Totara Flat the dating means this was not the church referred to in the register.

Archbishop Redwood in his 1887 “Sketch of the Diocese” said  “The district was visited by Fathers Colomb SM and Binsfield [sic] SM and small churches were built at Nelson Creek, Granville …..”

In the Grey River Argus of March 12, 1874 we read “The consecration, dedication and opening services in connection with the new Roman Catholic Church at Granville, Half-Ounce, will take place on Sunday, 8th inst.

The following week the paper reported


The new Roman Catholic Church at Granville was opened on Sunday, 8th instant.  The Rev. E. Pertius, the parish priest, was the officiating clergyman, and there was a very numerous congregation, composed of residents of the immediate locality and visitors from all parts of the district.  The church is a neat little structure, situated at the lower part of township, near the Government camp, and it reflects credit not only on the effort of the Messrs Noonan, P. Bourke and other members of the building committee on whom devolved the duty of raising the funds, but also on the workmanship and taste of the builders Messrs Michael Hartigan & Co.


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