Greenstone 2nd Church


Church Name: St Patrick or St John the Evangelist

There is some doubt over the name of this church as two sources give different names.

This church was built and opened late in 1874 and dedicated to the patronage of St John the Evangelist. Built by J.H. King. Opened by Frs Ecuyer, Martin, McGuinness and Chareyre, the latter being local pastor. The church was demolished in the time of Fr O’Hare as Kumara Parish Priest, 1918—1922.

That’s according to the Kumara Parish history, but the parish return of 1905 says “St Patrick’s Greenstone, built in 1875. No records left to show cost of erection.

Earlier, the 1892 return also referred to St Patrick’s.


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Greenstone 2nd Church