Totara Flat 2nd Church

Church Name: St Pius X

The foundation stone was laid by Bishop Joyce   on October 21, 1951, the parish priest of Ngahere being Fr James Quinn. The building was fully paid for before the foundation stone was laid because of the site being given by Pat Kennedy and the building paid for by the McDonnell family. The church, dedicated at that time to Blessed Pius X, was opened in May 1952.

“Of simple and clean design, the church is somewhat reminiscent of earlier goldfield buildings, but with sensible variations. It has a very large porch, which is a great asset in wet weather. The sacristy is a room, rather than a box-like structure that adhered to the back of so many older churches. The sanctuary extends the full width of the building, making it very suitable for the new liturgy.”


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Totara Flat 2nd Church