Try Again Terrace

Try Again Terrace was a mining district on Nelson Creek, near the Grey River

J.J. Wilson referring to Fr Binsfeld’s first visit to the diggings in May 1870, wrote: “Now there was relief and ease of mind; the country before him was level to the end of his destination, which was the group of adjacent diggings up Nelson Creek.

“Towards sunset he arrived at ‘Try Again” where he put up at a store for the night. The storekeeper, his brother, and the few miners of the locality soon made him feel that he was at least there on friendly ground. “Try Again” was a worked out diggings. A few years previous hundreds of men had been working there. Now all that remained resembled a totally destroyed city. Long sections of tail-racing, hillocks of boulders, huge uprooted trees in every direction were all that remained — a scene of desolation.

“A temporary chapel was found here, which had a weather-beaten appearance, like the rest of the deserted huts and shops surrounding. Evening service was held, consisting of rosary, sermon and night prayers. Mass was celebrated next morning.

“This was his first day’s work on the diggings, and he rejoiced at it, for all the men assisted and edified him by their truly Catholic spirit.”


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Try Again Terrace