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Church Name: St Mary Built during 1953 and 1954 on the main road on the site of the old Winchester Hotel of hand made concrete block.

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Church Name: St Joseph (Photo courtesy of Marist Archives, Wellington) In 1878 Fr Fauvel SM built a small wooden church with a shingle roof. It had a

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About 1952 an old hall was removed from Temuka to Pareora to a site donated by the Canterbury Frozen Meat Company. The three denominations had

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Church name: St Patrick (Photo courtesy of Marist Archives, Wellington) Kerrytown, three miles from Pleasant Point, had a school from the 1870s, but never had a

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Church Name: Immaculate Conception The first church in Geraldine was built under the supervision of Fr Fauvel SM in 1878. According to the 1892 parish

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