Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles Parish, Hoon Hay / Halswell

D 1113 Hoon Hay 1


In 1951 Fr Jim Galvin was asked to form a new parish in the rapidly growing g suburb of Hoon Hay. Known as St Catherine’s, the parish was  based out of the sitting room of the presbytery – Close Home, on Cracroft Terrace where mass was celebrated. In 1952 a temporary church was built, dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, which later became part of the parish school. 

A permanent Church, seating 400, was built and opened by Bishop Joyce on 25 November 1956.

Early parish priests of Halswell were:

  • Fr John Galvin 1951 – 1967
  • Fr George Harrison 1967 – 1968
  • Fr Michael Jones 1968 – 1979
  • Fr Kevin Clark 1980 – 1989
  • Fr Gerard Creagh 1989 – 1994


The Halswell Catholic Parish area was originally based around the Church of St Agnes and was administered from both St Mary’s on Manchester St and Sacred Heart in Addington. 

D 1393 The first church at Halswell, painted by Mrs Patricia Murphy 1993

In 1878 the first church was opened. It was a repurposed Wesleyan Methodist Church dedicated to St Agnes. This was replaced in 1899 by a new church built by Fr Servajean SM. 

In 1968 St Agnes became a parish with its first Parish Priest Fr Joe Kelly. The parish and church was dedicated to Sts Peter and Paul.

  • Fr Joe Kelly 1968 – 1972
  • Mons Gordon Daly  1972 – 1974
  • Fr Tom O’Donnell  1974 – 1980
  • Fr Ray Schmack. 1980 – 1987
  • Fr Finian Conway  1987 – 1999
  • Fr John Noonan.  2000 – 2015

In 2016 the parishes of Hoon Hay and Halswell amalgamated to form the parish of Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles.  A further amalgamation with the parish of Sancta Maria (Addington/Beckenham) will take place at Pentecost 2020 to form the Christchurch South Catholic Parish.


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Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles Parish, Hoon Hay / Halswell