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Tag: Hornby Darfield


Church Name: ? A section was bought for £10 on the main West Coast Road about a mile west of Springfield about 1907. A building

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Church Name: Holy Angels The Church of the Holy Angels was built under the supervision of Fr Chervier SM and opened October 31,1880, costing £248/9/0 plus

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On the road between Coalgate and Glentunnel stands  the little wooden Church of St Teresa built on land given by Mrs Reed of Whitecliffs. In

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Hornby 2nd Church

Church Name: St Bernadette Owing to building development in the Hei Hei area, a church/hall was built in Manurere Street, Hei Hei in 1957 at

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Hornby 1st Church

Church Name: St Michael St Michael’s Church was opened in Hornby Junction Road (Carmen Road) in 1898, at a cost of £400, on a half

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