Halswell 1st Church


Church Name: St Agnes

(Painting courtesy of Patricia Murphy)

Parish returns from 1892 onwards list St Agnes Church at Halswell, part of the Cathedral parish, as having cost £500 to build.

A Short History of Halswell describes it: “The Wesleyans had taken over Edward Morgan’s Dunbars Road School, which he had opened in 1861 and had built a church on the site of their boarding school. It was this unused church that was purchased in 1878 and moved to the present site on the corner of Nicholls and Halswell Junction Roads. The church was then known as St Agnes and was serviced from the Addington Parish. When a new church was built in 1899 the old church became known as The Abbey and was used as a school. By 1904 The Abbey had been sold to Mr Hann who demolished it for its timber and a new school was built.”

Another source refers to it: “The Catholic Church in Halswell was built not long after the one in Shands track. A Wesleyan Methodist church had been built in the early 1860s on the corner of Dunbars and Halswell Roads, but had closed 10 years later. The unused church was purchased about 1878 by the Roman Catholic community and moved to the corner of Halswell Junction and Nicholl Roads, where it became the church of St Agnes and was much admired for its beautiful stained glass windows. When a new church was built the original building became known as The Abbey and was used by nuns who came out during the week from Ferry Rd to tun the school. The person responsible for establishing St Agnes was Dean Lawrence Ginaty.


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Halswell 1st Church